Saturday, December 29, 2012

What to do?

Well, at this point we are still working on selling everything we don't need anymore and renovating the house (painting, changing the floor etc...)
We have 2 rooms left but one is the room that we live in most of the time and it will be a big job to empty all the desks and computers but it will happen!
and the other room is the basement that we need to un'build! as we didn't know we needed a permit to develop it, we've made a home theater/playroom room that we need to brake down!
and clean that all...
After that another trip in Ecuador to buy a land and make the visa will be the next step...
It's a question of months... too long but things happen when it's the good time!

So hopefully this is the last time we have to live in this pretty winter wonderland, but not fertile!