Thursday, August 22, 2013

Month 2...

This is summer and this month seemed to have passed slowly.
Looks like lots of people take their vacation during this month (they don't have much of vacation here, something like one week!)...
So our most important project took time to start: the gardening!
We finally got someone who came to help us to make terraces on August 13th, it was a nice day!
They worked hard and in a week we had 35 trees, 47 shrubs and 26 herbs planted, including, citrus, mango, banana, strawberries, pomegranate, pineapple, and more...

My husband also did a pretty herb spiral garden.

and few days ago they started to build the greenhouse.

We also received the rest of our furniture (night tables, dining table with chairs , the last desk, and some outdoor furniture that we keep inside while they are doing work outside).
We are very please by the quality and workmanship.

We installed some blinds in the bathroom (for more privacy!) and glass panel in the showers!

My husband is studying to take the test for the Ecuadorian driver license (in Spanish), and then we will be able to buy a car...(maybe next month).

We opened a bank account (that will be useful for certain transaction here);
Most of contractor accept only cash.

We also experience what are 'Fiesta' here! and that's a big deal! As we do not enjoy them that much it's not something that we are looking forward to hear again! The whole Valley can hear the loud music and we cannot sleep until they are done (can be till 2 to 6 am!).

The last news is a surprise from life! if you are curious or interested, just visit my new blog: Surprise from life.