Monday, December 23, 2013

6 months in Ecuador...

Here we are 6 months already!
We had a visit from the Ecuadorian government to verify that what we declared for our permanent visa was right!
And few days ago we finally received an email with the acceptation of our request...Yay!
But it's not totally done yet!
The Family drove to Machala (5 hours drive) to get our passport stamped and we need to go to another city (Cuenca - 4 hours drive) to apply for a Cedula (ID card) and also we need to renew our passport as it need to have 6 month before the date of expiration...
Administration is pretty tricky here, you need to learn to be very patient!.

The rainy season is more present now; We have some rain every other night and the temperature dropped a little bit at this time; But it is warm during the day, the landscape is all green and we are not feeling being in December at all! (So, not much Christmas spirit this year!).

There is Christmas decoration in the big city but it doesn't feel the same!
Here is a fun smurfs Christmas tree in Loja:

The garden continue to grow and we really enjoy eating fresh fruits, herbs and veggies from it...

and also beautiful flowers:
There is many colors of bougainvillea here, they are so bright and beautiful.

This one is a wild one, if anybody knows the name of it!...
It remind me of a poppy but in yellow!

We still buy some fruits at the market as we don't have everything in the garden yet!
I love the local dragon fruit (so sweet); some bananas are also sweeter than what you can find in stores!

There is many tropical fruits that we never saw before.
Some are kind of weird to us!
(sapote, guanabana, ice cream bean, ...)
 Sapote (has big black seeds and almost taste like a sweet pumpkin)


Guanababa open (a little too ripe!)

(some say it's a potato, other say it's a bean but it grow like a potato! and taste like it too!)

Cacao bean (too ripe as well!)

We still have some wild animals visits some time to time and we love it!
Deers, tropical birds, squirrel, and not long ago we saw an animal that looked like a pudu but we are not sure of what it is as the local didn't recognize it (looks like he never seen one!)
Groove-billed Ani that can be very noisy!

This little one once woke me up knocking on my glass door,
So tweety!

One of my best friend Squirrel!
They are different colors here and look like lemur when they move!

One little deer hiding! (Venado)

Beautiful Oriole


and here is what we saw few weeks ago:
It was a bit bigger than a dog
Looks like between a small deer and a goat
was kind of jumping when running!
(looks like it's a rare animal!...too bad I didn't had my camera in hand!...
but it might come back one day!)

We started a new big project on our land that will take few months...we are excited about it!... We are taking pictures on the growing project and I will do a little video in the next few stay tune!...

Thank you for stopping by!...