Saturday, December 29, 2012

What to do?

Well, at this point we are still working on selling everything we don't need anymore and renovating the house (painting, changing the floor etc...)
We have 2 rooms left but one is the room that we live in most of the time and it will be a big job to empty all the desks and computers but it will happen!
and the other room is the basement that we need to un'build! as we didn't know we needed a permit to develop it, we've made a home theater/playroom room that we need to brake down!
and clean that all...
After that another trip in Ecuador to buy a land and make the visa will be the next step...
It's a question of months... too long but things happen when it's the good time!

So hopefully this is the last time we have to live in this pretty winter wonderland, but not fertile!

Monday, November 19, 2012

Where to go?!

For few months, even maybe a year (time goes so fast sometimes!) We were looking for the perfect place to realize our next project;
We tried few places in Canada but to be realistic we cannot grow that much in this climate! Only few months of fresh vegetables wouldn't do it!
We tried in our small garden in Calgary and even with great compost, this is not the spot for it!...

We heard about Ecuador few times but we didn't catch it the 1st time!

Everything arrive when this is the good time for it!

There is few different climates in Ecuador;
A temperature climate would be perfect!

So we planned a trip out there to see if we would like it .

The trip was pretty long!

and the first days was a bit difficult for us; but days after days we realized the high potential to realize our project and we visited few lands.

We were able to imagine our dream at this place and few expats already did it.

Back in Canada, we are working on finishing to renovate the house to sale it and searching information about this big move as well as learning Spanish!.

If you want to know more about anything specific, let me know!...

Thursday, November 15, 2012

Where to start?

So, here is a new blog to share with my friends
The little adventure that is our life!
We believe that we are the creator of our life and that's life has some cycles and we are constantly changing...
With these ideas in mind we are ready to help our self to change the things that we do not need anymore in our life and to manifest our new dream!

To explain our first cycle a bit...:
We are a Family born and raise in France (we lived there during 30 years!);
Beautiful areas that are all fantastic to visit... but at one point when we live there, we realized that we needed more space to grow in our spiritual side and it wasn't the right place to do it!
Canada has great mountains, beautiful landscape, open minded and kind people and more...
Also easier to create your own company there!
(Ok, the food was a minus for us in Canada!! it was a challenge!)
So, 12 years ago we moved to Canada (the 4 of us and our 2 cats) bringing a pallet of our own goods via freight!
We have learned and experienced a lot in different domains during this cycle (language, lifestyle, personal growth and more).
Since more than a year we felt that a new cycle had started and we were looking for:
- A place to grow our own food all year long
- A place without rat race
- A place were we can retire from the city life
- A place where the weather is comfortable (not freezing cold 6 months of the year!)
- A place where we can build or own self sustainable house

and so on...

So here is the start of this new cycle in our life and I will share it with you my friends!

I am looking forward to hear your impressions!...