Monday, November 19, 2012

Where to go?!

For few months, even maybe a year (time goes so fast sometimes!) We were looking for the perfect place to realize our next project;
We tried few places in Canada but to be realistic we cannot grow that much in this climate! Only few months of fresh vegetables wouldn't do it!
We tried in our small garden in Calgary and even with great compost, this is not the spot for it!...

We heard about Ecuador few times but we didn't catch it the 1st time!

Everything arrive when this is the good time for it!

There is few different climates in Ecuador;
A temperature climate would be perfect!

So we planned a trip out there to see if we would like it .

The trip was pretty long!

and the first days was a bit difficult for us; but days after days we realized the high potential to realize our project and we visited few lands.

We were able to imagine our dream at this place and few expats already did it.

Back in Canada, we are working on finishing to renovate the house to sale it and searching information about this big move as well as learning Spanish!.

If you want to know more about anything specific, let me know!...

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