Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Another Season...

At the start of this month we finally bought a car and filled the papers to transfer our driver license onto an Ecuadorian one.
We are so appreciative to be able to go wherever we want, whenever we want without having to call a taxi and wait for 20 min!
As all the cars are imported, there is not much choices and they usually have to order them; They might have up to 5 cars available in each garages!
Also the basic standard cars here are way different than the basic standard cars in north America!
Most of the cars are manual, no electric windows, engine are 4 cylinders only ...etc...
We were happy to be able to find an automatic one with a bit of comfort!
The manual transmission makes driving aggressive and stressful.

This is the beginning of the rainy season; The rain is also different here, very thin to heavy showers;
It brings a special atmosphere to the scenery; with some mist and calm.
But the tempratures are also over 20C (68F).

The vegetation is thriving and the garden is growing; we were able to harvest few mulberries, strawberries and some Japanese mustard spinach (komastuna) that look like collard green.
Cherry tomatoes are coming soon!
We also planted more decorative flowers and plants.

This is also the mango season, they are so good.
We went to a wholesale market where we were able to buy them in bulk : 35 large mangoes for $10 (few week later they were 100 mangoes for $15) as well as 120 bananas for $5 and 50 oranges for $5.50 (then 100 for the same price!).

We also met other expats (there is about 200 expats in this small village!) and made new friends...

Not much this month! We are still waiting for our visa and container...

Mother nature offer us such beautiful scenery each day to be grateful for!