Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Friendship and gardening...

This month was all around making new friends, inviting others and meet new expats.
It's very interesting to listen to the story of each other; Why we came here, their story and life experience.
In the same time we are meditating on our own life and growing our awareness about it!

We are surprised how warm it is for the rainy season (almost too warm for us! - 30C or 86F and more).
It would be perfect to have our own swimming pool! (wish sent to the Universe!).

It was also a month were hubby worked in the garden and greenhouse;
Things are growing pretty quickly and we are happy to harvest fresh, organic tomatoes, herbs and more.

Here are some pictures:

Cute Baby Mango is growing up!

In the greenhouse the tomatoes are growing
and the other bed is ready for the cucumber, pepper and more...

Lemon bicolor

Chia seeds in bloom

Fig tree

Cherry tomatoes

Lettuce and Kale


Red Russian Kale

Lemons and bloom...


We also have beautiful flowers...

I am so impressed by how theses sunflowers are growing!

We thought that sunflowers had only 1 flower on top but this one has 9 of them along the stem.

The Poinsettia tree which helps me to think of Christmas a little!

We are still patience with our immigrant visa and container, wishing that this story will end soon!...