Saturday, July 5, 2014

Our goods arrived!

Yes FINALLY! After more than a year we've been really patient and had a lot of stress with that; without counting the money we have lost with that moving company (we are few families around the world that experienced this unfortunate event!) but it's here, everything is here... It's almost unbelievable!
And weird at the same time to have to unpack your moving boxes more than a year after.
It's kind of like Christmas in July!

we removed everything from the living room to receive our boxes.
Now time to unpack! 

for the full story, why it took so long:
first we needed a visa that allowed us to send our goods, it took us 6 months to do so.
when we had the visa the Ecuadorian mover told us that we had 6 months to send our goods and we were 2 days over! The solution was to go to Peru to have a new entrance date in the passport which we did.
Then the first company that we hired did some monkey business, they had sent our goods to another company in Vancouver and they did not pay them (while they cashed our money and overcharged us), and finally after weeks of lies they informed us that they were closing their business for bankruptcy, ... they even told us that we had a month to go get our stuffs or they will be sold by a bailiff!
we ended up hiring another international mover and they did a good job.
there was no problem with the custom, everything was fine.
we are so glad that this story came to an end.


  1. Oh Squirrel - so happy for you that this mess is over!! :-)

    1. Thank you Jude! We are so happy too! ... Now I need to find some time and a spot to go back to my crafts!

  2. You'll figure it out!! Much faith in you!!